Copy Pixel phone backup from drive


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Sep 9, 2013
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Is there a way to copy the Pixel phone that is backed up by Android to the Google drive to a PC or somewhere else

I found out recently that the phone backups are kept only for about 2 months. If you don't use the Pixel phone for more than 60 days it's automatically deleted. I found this out in a hard way when I moved temporarily to iPhone for about 2 months. I lost my Pixel backup and had to reset everything from scratch when I came back to Pixel 7

I don't see any option to copy the backup data from Google drive

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Jul 14, 2011
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There's no way to back up that, well, back up. It's encrypted and not user-facing files, so can only be accessed through a phone being restored/accessed. You can access individual files on Drive and Photos, but not the phone back up (settings, apps, messages, etc.).