Cyanogen 7 Security Concerns?


May 17, 2010
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So i recently rooted my evo and ran through a slew of roms (okay 3 or 4 really) to try some different things out and I landed on Cyanogen as my fav so far. Mainly because it isnt a sense based rom, so i have a lot more free room and the speed of the phone is a little better (sense 2.1 and up seems to just lag my phone a little to much for my liking).

After reading some reviews from other users it seems that a lot of people dont feel like Cyanogen is secure. This is something I had thought about but figured this may really concern all roms, not just Cyanogen. But i figured it may be good to ask the question here, has any one had issues with security running Cyanogen and if so, what and was it resolvable? I do use my phone for some business purposes here and there and security is an issue, and i really do not want to go back to a sense based room (or my nandroid back up from right after rooting).



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Oct 11, 2010
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I don't know what kind of security problems you think you will have? I've never had any issues and I've been using cm for almost a year now.