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Delete Local Copies of Photos Once Synced to Cloud


New member
Nov 15, 2012
Hi everyone,

My first post here. I have a Samsung Galaxy S21 and I upload my photos to OneDrive using the OneDrive app. The issue I'm running into is that once the app uploads the files to the cloud, it doesn't delete them from the phone. I don't see any option to do this anywhere on the device or in the app either. There is an option to sync to Samsung' folder on OneDrive but I don't want to use that as it's a separate folder and all my photos would go there instead of going to "Camera Roll" on OneDrive where all my pictures are and have been since I started using OneDrive, even on other devices. If this is not an option that's available, would there be any other option to do this?

Thank you!


Jul 14, 2011
Unfortunately no app for cloud backup includes the option to delete the 'master' file automatically (because, again, they're meant to be a back up, not a replacement). You can use other automation apps (i.e. Tasker) to delete/purge your files from your local device automatically after a certain period of time (or if you're more programming-savvy, trigger it after each One Drive upload) but that's about it. Remember, the One Drive is a copy in the cloud, NOT in your phone (unless the master file is in another device and you've set it up to keep physical copies on all devices). You don't have duplicated images on your phone.