Did Android Pie break Pixel 2 Blink Light?


Feb 8, 2011
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I had the LED blink when I received a SMS message and it worked fine when I had Android 8.0. A few days ago they pushed out updates for Android 9.0 to Pixel 2. Now it seems that the LED does not blink anymore when I receive a message. Did Pie break this feature?

These are the directions that I used to verify that Blink Light is Enabled:
1. Launch the Settings application
2. Tap the Apps & Notifications option
3. Tap the Notifications option again
4. Then tap the Blink Light option to toggle the feature on or off

Now verify that the application is enabled:
5. on the same screen as step 4, under Recently sent, select the Facebook Messenger
6. Then tap the Allow notification dot to toggle the feature on or off
6a. Note: why isn't there a Blink Light option? should there be?

7. Tap Additional settings in the app
8. Then tap the On at the top of the screen to toggle the feature on or off
9. Then tap the Light to toggle the feature on or off
9a. Note: is this Light the LED? I ask because other screens say Blink Light not just Light


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Oct 13, 2013
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I have been having issues with notifications also. I do not get the audible notifications if the Pixel 2XL screen is asleep in my pocket. The LED does not blink either. Both of these worked fine until the Pie update. If I take out the phone and use my fingerprint to wake it up, the notifications start and the LED blinks. But of course that is of no use as the whole reason for the audible notifications is so that I know if I have a missed message. Same with the LED. If sound if off but phone is asleep on desk, the LED flashing alerts me to a missed message. Now the phone is silent and the LED off until I wake it up to check manually.

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