Dim blue function keys on keyboard


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Mar 25, 2010
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My wife and I both purchased the Samsung Moment and have had the phones for a couple of weeks now. I recently had to exchange my phone because of the Sprint GPS software. When I got home that night with my new phone I tried to use the keyboard in the dark to send a message and I noticed that I could not see any of the blue function keys. It looked like the keyboard backlight was at half power or something (I had a full charge on the phone btw). I then took a look at my wifes phone and hers was nice and brite and I could see all the blue function keys just fine. As a matter of fact the phone that I had just returned worked fine as well and I could see all the keys just fine in the dark. I went back to Best Buy and explained my issue with the phone and they did all they could to see if they could fix the backlight. They checked all my phone settings, checked my battery level and so forth. To make a long story short the clerk took out two brand new phones out of the box and took a look at the keyboards and they both had the same issue with the dim keyboard backlight. I explained to him that the last phone that I was having the GPS issue with as well as my wifes phone both keybords where nice and brite and I could see the blue function keys fine. He then told me that maybe it just might be a bad batch of phones that might have come in since both of the new phones that he just tried were doing the same thing.
Has anybody come across or is having this issue. I really dont want to go from store to store looking for a phone to work. Any advice or help would be great. Thanks in advance.