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Direct Share in Marshmallow: Can I make contacts I'd share with via SMS in Google Messages appear?


New member
Jun 19, 2011
My Motorola Moto X 2nd Gen has just been updated to Marshmallow, and now when I look to share something, all 8 spots for the single tap share are filled by whatsapp contacts, most of which I haven't spoken with in forever, and most whom I would never share with. (e.g. that random Tindr person I messaged once.)

What I would expect to appear are contacts I regularly share with paired with apps I usually share with them in. I.g. Android Messenger (for SMS), since SMSing is the main way I share with my friends. I'd also expect email links via Google Inbox to appear - but I'm guessing that because I have 4 gmail addresses and it can't manage switching, that would prevent it from appearing.

I can't find any legit support for Direct Share online, or any user documentation, but I'd REALLY like to know if/how I can reset this feature to make it function as it was likely intended. Are there ANY settings or configuration I can do to bring my frequently shared with contacts via Google Messenger SMSing to appear? Or at the very least, remove whatsapp contacts from that sharing list? Does anyone know if facebook messaner or Instagram have updated their apps to include this feature set?

As of now this list of people is now taking up screen real-estate and it's just wrong wrong wrong.

(BTW: I'm running Messenger 1.6.043, and I think I saw that direct-sharing was enabled in 1.5)

Thanks in advance for any help!