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Aug 9, 2011
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QUESTION: Is it possible to hide notification content on the lock screen by default, but still allow showing content for selected notifications?

As far as I can tell, I have the option to:

1. Hide content - This applies to all notifications, and does not allow any exceptions

2. Show content - All notifications show content by default, and I can toggle individual apps / notification categories to hide content

3. Hide sensitive content - On some phones I had this option, but Android didn't seem to define "sensitive" the same way that I did so it never worked for me in practice

I want to show some notification content on the lock screen (e.g. weather, media player) but hide others (e.g. SMS, email). I can do this with Option 2 above - but I'm *constantly* playing whack-a-mole with notifications that I'd overlooked, new categories added during app updates, new apps... Something sensitive to me inevitably sneaks through to the lock screen.

What I'd prefer is for all notification content to be hidden on the lock screen by default, but still have the option to show content for notifications that I deem safe.

Android seems to have this security/privacy feature backward - this seems like a "principle of most privileges" approach instead of least privileges one. I keep assuming that that's not the case and that I'm just misunderstanding something, but this has plagued me for the last several phones. Maybe I'm just dumber than I realize.

Anyway, I'm using Android 12 on an S22 Ultra at the moment, if that affects the answer. Thank you in advance for your guidance.

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