Do I have a battery charging bug?


Dec 12, 2014
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Battery Charging Bug just discovered

I just posted this in the thread about the talking calculator because this just popped up this morning after I did a Factory Reset to deal with the calculator problem.

Took phone off charger, noticed it was beeping at intervals of about 10 seconds, drove me crazy, saw that there were no notifications and oddly enough, it said the phone was charging when it wasn't. Then I watched my battery drain very fast with no services running. I didn't get a screen shot but the battery status screen showed the green charging bar in a series of blips probably corresponding to the intermittent beeps all this off the charger! I did a full memory cache wipe, rebooted, and it was fine. There was no way in hell I was doing Factory reset again twice in 24 hours. Been using phone all day with no beeping and battery drain seems normal. Anyone else seen or heard of this with Touchwiz or Note 4?


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Feb 12, 2012
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Re: Battery Charging Bug just discovered

Any rogue app can do it. I've had fast drain at times, reflashed an earlier ROM backup and everything was fine. Once it's not happening, there's almost no way to tell why it was happening when it was.