Does the battery problem happen to everyone?

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So I want to buy a moto e4 plus... but I have heard that there is a battery problem where it takes a day or two to charge... it says it comes with fast charge... my question was if the battery problem happens to everyone???


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Feb 12, 2012
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I've never heard of a cellphone battery that takes a day or two (or even 12 hours) to charge - and I've been in the business since the last century. If the charger is an old one and can't supply enough current, it's possible, but if you use the charger that comes with the phone, a few hours would be the worst. (Don't depend on fast charge - charge when the battery gets down to 40% and stop charging when it gets to 80% for best life. [Lithium batteries aren't deep discharge batteries. We use them for only 2 reasons - lithium is the second lightest metal there is (and you don't want to carry around a freezer to keep hydrogen solid) and they can be made very thin.])

Oh - I think I may know what you're referring to. When the battery is pretty well shot, if you charge the phone while you're using it, it may never charge. But if you keep it to a 40%/80% situation, that's 5 years down the line (or more).

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