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Drag and Drop is not working in Xamarin Android


New member
Aug 21, 2019
ok I am new to mobile development. I primarily use WinForms and WPF in C#. Today I started to get in to the mobile development. I have followed a few tutorials and I ran in to a problem. When I drag a button from the toolbox, it will place in the top left hand corner. When I pull anything else, i.e.,. text, button... It will go to the exact same point the first button was placed. I can not place the new item underneath the previous.

So I am seeing all these tutorials on Xaramin Android Blank App tutorials and the drag and drop works perfect for them. So my question is: Why is the drag and drop not working in relation to where I want the items placed. I have attached a screen shot. The screen shot has two buttons layered, and the button below the two layered can only be placed where the other two buttons are placed.

This is the same with text as well. Do I need to reinstall the Mobile Dev components within visual studio?

I am new to Xaramin so if am doing something wrong please info me.

B. Diddy

Senior Ambassador
Mar 9, 2012
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