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Nov 7, 2009
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How do you backup the droid? I am not just looking for contact backup, i believe thats saved via my gmail sync anyways... I am looking for all my settings AND app information.

When I say app information, I specifically mean their settings and info I have added. For Instance I have added like 30 barcodes to the Keyring app, if something happened to my droid it would be a complete pain to load those all again... Is there anything for this?


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Nov 9, 2009
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I've been using Flexilis ... its a anti-virus (efficacy TBD), phone locate, backup program..

a few caveats..

AV in Android, is it really needed? The only way to really test it is to be attacked.. i know it scans downloads.. but who knows after that.

its in beta... little buggy but they're getting there... i think some recommendations to them that a "complete" backup would be desired would help.

you could always use your usb cable and copy the contents of your mem card.


Nov 17, 2009
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MyBackup Pro for Motorola Droid and Android 2.0


I am the product manager of MyBackup Pro. This is the #1 Android backup application on the market, and the #3 top paid application.

Note that for an application to be able to backup third party application data, it needs to be exposed to it by the third party application. We currently support the most third party applications, with many more being added all the time, we run a program to pay developers who integrate with us. These are the applications that we support so far:

RerWare Android™ Integration with MyBackup (backup Android™,backup G1,backup Hero,backup MyTouch)

We are the most complete solution that does the following:

- Supports Android 2.0 (Motorola Droid)
- Backs up the most data
- Option to backup to your SD Card or our secured online servers (cloud)
- Option to schedule a daily or weekly backup
- Have a data viewer that allows you to see the data in a backup without the need to restore it, either on the phone or online web browser from anywhere
- Top of the line customer service 24/7 through support@rerware.com

You can buy it from the Android Market, or on our website at
MyBackup Pro website for Android Backup


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Jan 5, 2010
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Astro has a backup utility built in to it?

Well, it backs up apps. But, to addresses the OP's specific question and example (barcode scans) ..... hmmmmmm? I don't know.

I had to do a factory reset. All of the apps were backed up on the SD card via Astro. But, I switched the primary gmail account associated with the device. So, although all 40+ apps were restored in a out 16 seconds flat, the problem was that I wouldn't have got any app updates thru Market. AND my settings weren't saved. It was pretty much a useless backup. I just went thru Market and re-downloaded them all again, even paying for a new copy of some.

So, Astro is good - but reading deeper into the developer's post above regarding his back up app...... Astro is good. But, ya' get what you pay for.


Jan 28, 2010
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I'm using the futuredial suite smartphone edition.

It works for me....:)

I managed to back up my Phonebooks, Music/Ringtones, Pictures, video, Calendars, Text Messages .....and blah blah blah.....


Ok so I got this and am having issues getting my phone to connect and detect as a modem, and yes I got the USB drivers and USB debugging is on. Any suggestions/pointers?

mIQ Live#AC

Apr 16, 2010
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FREE m:IQ Live!


Don't want to Spam, but the m:IQ app from Best Buy is a great FREE solution to your problem.

If you?re unfamiliar with m:IQ, think of it as a FREE version of Apple MobileMe for all other smartphone platforms.*

m:IQ helps users sync their contacts, text messages, calendar events, calls, photos, videos, and internet favorites from their phones to their private web-based m:IQ account.* Once backed-up in the cloud, users can interact with their information in exciting new ways, send and receive text messages, share their experiences with friends and social sites, and easily restore their content when moving from one phone to the next.* Content instantly transfers between the phone and the web without requiring any user interaction ? ensuring that users are always backed-up and have access to their information.

We?re hoping you guys install the app from the Market and check it out yourselves!

Check out our website, Facebook, or Twitter for more info!

Let us know what you think!


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Jul 13, 2010
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If you are rooted, Titanium Backup backs up 'everything' if you're not rooted a backup program must have access to the app - meaning the support for your backup app must be written into the other apps you use. Titanium is the #1 reason to root. If you are trying out new Rom it is critical to use it otherewise you may not have access to most of your downloaded apps through market. And it makes it super easy and fast to get completely up and running on a new rom. Regardless of Rom'ing it is the only fool proof way I know to back up and easily restore EVERYTHING.

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Sep 8, 2012
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Helloo... I used Backup Caretaker and it worked well while creating backup of SMS, MMS, Contacts, Call logs, System settings, and custom dictionary. I used the Lite version and created the backup on SD card but there is another version that is paid and called Pro version that creates backup on online cloud. More information was found on their website that is quite informative: Android Backup - Android Backup Apps | Backup Caretaker

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