Droid Ultra: Since KitKat update, account sign in problems CONSTANTLY


Feb 13, 2014
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Since the KitKat update, EVERY SINGLE TIME I go out of and back into Wifi range (all wifi networks) or into and out of range of any signal type with my phone, it requires me to sign back in to my google and motorola accounts, which is needed for E-mail, messages, google play store, google chrome, etc... This is an extreme pain in the A$$, to say the least as it had never done this before the update. It is as if it is forgetting the password suddenly and not retaining it. Is there a way to fix this? Please help if you know of a workaround, as the Verizon techs are apparently clueless (no help at all). I have even tried doing a complete factory reset and it did not fix the problem. Please does anyone have any suggestions to help fix this!