Dumping Verizon & Maxx for Note 2


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Jul 5, 2010
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I've lived with Verizon and a Razr Maxx for 7 months now and at 2:30 today I'll be back with TMo on a Note 2. Verizons coverage map showed me well inside LTE coverage at my house and not only is there no LTE, the 3G signal is a neg 113 and download speeds are well below 1MB. Less than a mile from my house brings download speeds above 20. Verizon's promises of a tower coming online have never happened so I'm done with Bid Red and for me and where I travel, TMo crushes them. The Maxx has also slowed and lags considerably from when it was new which is something the S2 never did.

Anyway, I hope going with the Note 2 is the right decision. I like the S3, but I just can't see going with another dual core phone even though it would be light years ahead of the Maxx. The Note certainly has glowing reviews and I know my data speeds will be at least as good as my former S2. If anyone has anything they would like to share about their Note 2 I would love to hear it. Oh yeah, I've considered the N4 as well and my son just got an Iphone 5 this week on ATT and he is screwing with me bad as he pulls downloads of 63+ and 22+ up at home. I've never seen anything over 39 from Verizon.

Sent from the Maxx in Atlanta


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Apr 24, 2010
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I had an almost identical situation. Verizon and the Razr Maxx were great everywhere except my house (and I work from home, so it was unacceptable). Switched to T-Mobile and the Note 2 and I'm in Heaven. T-Mobile doesn't have the overall coverage that Verizon did, but it works in my home (where AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon all failed) so that's all that matters to me. Also... the Note 2 crushes every other phone I've had (which includes the Maxx, the original EVO, Motorola Photon and the iPhone).

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