Email App Sync is NOT 2-way with Gmail account

Allen Bingham

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Feb 28, 2017
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Email syncing on my android devices (LG K10 & Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK) with my gmail account works 'fine' as far as it goes in regards to downloading headers and the associated email if I open one or more, etc.

But, if I delete an email on main computer (Windows 10 using Outlook 2016), which correspondingly moves the email from my Gmail inbox to the Gmail Trash folder [first does that locally, then automatically syncs on the Gmail server and moves those as well] --- the 'deleted' email remains in my Inbox on my Android email apps ... and hence I have to physically delete them on each device.

Comparatively, if I get on my laptop (Windows 10, Outlook 2016). An email deleted on my workstation, will (after syncing) be deleted on my laptop.

NOTE: using the server on all devices.

I've looked elsewhere for guidance on this issue --- but all postings/questions I've seen relate to syncing not working at all, not this nuance of an issue.

I would understand that this is NOT a capability of the Android email app (i.e., truly using IMAP capabilities to fully sync 'both ways') --- but since I'm really new to using Android devices, I thought I'd post this here for guidance.