Error on Atrix


Jan 3, 2011
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I am having a very strange issue with my Atrix. Yesterday I received a picture i wanted to save. So as usual, I hold down the picture and go to save and got an error. I did not not down the error but I when I went into Astro i navigated to /mnt/sdcard (that's not my SD card BTW, I don't know if this is the same for everyone.) and it was empty. Now i understand that if its empty its not supposed to work but that's what was displayed. After a battery pull I recovered all files that come with the Atrix (Mind you, it never stopped working, it just would not save pictures). I noticed that all my pictures in my DCIM folder were gone.

Does anyone know what happened? I didn't back up any of my pictures.

I also was looking and before my most recent battery pull the folders were labeled last edited in 1979 (The year!)

Im considering doing a full factory reset, what do you guys think? I got all my apps from the market so all I really need to save is app settings and whatnot. So if anyone can recommend a good method or app to backup my phone I would really appreciate it.

P.S: First Post!