ESPN3 suddenly not working on Revue?


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May 20, 2010
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I have had the Revue for about a year now and have always been able to watch ESPN3. I have the login from our cable company, and apart from the occasional shockwave crash, everything works great.

However, just a few weeks ago, when you would go to click on an event to watch, nothing would happen. Usually, a new window would pop up and you would watch the event from this new window. Now, however, nothing happens when you click on the event. At the exact same time this started happening, I noticed my Chrome browser on my PC was doing the same thing. I was able to go into settings and noticed that my pop-up blocker got reset, so I added ESPN to the do-not-block list and things worked normal on my PC. However, I checked the Chrome browser on my Revue and it still shows ESPN as a do-not-block. I also have tried changing the browser identity from default to generic.

Can anyone give any help?


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May 10, 2012
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I have noticed a similar thing since ESPN'S application for ios & android was released. I used to bring up the site through chrome, however the last time I tried, the addresses kept changing in the address bar with several redirects. Seemed ESPN3 is no longer the url for the site. I have not looked for a similar app for GTV like I have on my phone. I should take a look in the play store. ESPN3 may have changed to an app based utility.

I haven't watched ESPN3 in a while because I only watched soccer. However between Fox, Al Jazeer, and other broadcasters buying the rights to the Premier League and other leagues, ESPN3 had pretty lean offerings for soccer these days. Quite the contrast to the past several years.