Exchange Active Sync FIX on Android


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Jul 10, 2017
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So I thought I would post this "tid bit" I just spent a ton of time on playing with so that it could possibly help another.
My wife's android phone (LGv40) stopped syncing her contacts. It happened a while ago and she complained they were not showing up on her PC when she would create a new one.

So even thought I had her and Office 365 accounts added in the ACCOUNTS section as EXCHANGE and they were signed in and fine and saw today they were not actually working at all. Nothing was syncing. I think one of the Outlook app updates disabled the sync and I found it after turing on EMAIL sync in the accounts/exchange activesync section. (Where the 3 toggles are of EMAIL, Calendar and Contacts). When I turned on email the native app popped up an email that said to use the outlook app. After drilling down in the fine print of this message there is a simple web link to tap/click and take you to your browser saying that SYNC is now turned back on.

So anyone having sync issues with their MS services, be sure to read the popup email that is auto generated that says to use the outlook app. The link at the bottom takes you to where it turns the sync back on.

Perhaps others have delt with this already but I didnt find anything on the web - only old past issues. Hope it helps.