Exchange Email "Remote Security Administration" Nexus 7 using Dock


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Aug 12, 2013
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I'm having issues with the Email app in Exchange mode forcing extra security on my Nexus 7 (and HTC One for that matter). The issue with the HTC One is that I can no longer use the facial recognition unlock feature so that's not a biggy and it's broken the "Unlock With WiFi" app which is tiresome but not unexpected.

However, the thing that's really annoying me is that I now, on my Nexus 7, I need to re-enter the pin every time I go in and out of 'daydream' mode when I'm using the dock. Considering I tend to do this very often and my pin is quite long, this is extremely irritating. Is there any way to bypass this? Even setting the sleep delay the 5mins doesn't help.

Does anyone know a way to get around this? Disabling "Email - Enable server-specified security policies" just forces me to delete the email account so that's no good.