Export iTunes playlist to s3 without using Kies


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Jun 24, 2012
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There are a lot of ways to do this, some require programs and some require a couple steps in windows. At first I did it with windows, due to kies at the time, wouldn't actually create new playlist but just transferred the actual music over to the s3 in one big folder. This may have been fixed by Samsung, I haven't tried it since the launch of the s3.

So here is a step by step for any newbies using something we all have but probably never use, Windows media player.

House keeping:
You will need to download Kies for USB drivers for the s3 or find the driver software on Samsung's website. I am using a external 16gig SD card to store my music on, this will work for people using the phone storage also. Windows Media player sees both the internal and external cards. Make sure your phone can be "seen" by windows(drivers are working) and is hooked up during this process. Make sure your Windows media player does see your music on the computer or is pointed to your folder(s) of mp3s

1. Bring up iTunes and select the playlist you want to put on your phone and right click on it. A box will appear and you will click on EXPORT

2. left click on export and a window will pop up for the save location, type and name. Save the playlist in the same location of your music folder, name the new playlist to your liking and select the M3U file type. Do this for as many playlist as you want

3. After you have exported all of your playlist, open up Windows media player. Once it opens you should be in the expanded view and should start to see your playlist and the phone listed. If you do not see all of your playlist give it a few minutes. Windows media player is scanning your folder and may not show up at first. In the picture below, you will see all of my exported playlist, my S3 and the ext sd card, I have selected the sync tab in the top right and below that is the box I will drag my playlist to. Make sure you have selected the right destination for the playlist, Notice mine says "card" which is the external SD card, but I can choose the actual phone by hitting the next device button.

4. I have now dragged over the playlist, and can hit the sync button when I'm ready. Notice that WMP has already calculated the size for me, this will help you see if you have room left on the card for adding more.

5. I have just hit the sync button and can now see the status in a %

6. if I want to see a more detailed look at the sync process I can click on the %complete and see it by a song by song basis

7. Windows media player creates the folders and fills them automatically. I store other things on my ext sd so disregard Dogcatcher and download.

8. Now you should be ready to use the music app of your liking and will need to rescan, import or what ever it needs to do.

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