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Nov 20, 2009
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I let my extended battery charge overnight and started a very unscientific test this AM. My Battery is in the 10%-20% range after 5+ hours of extreme usage, here is what I have been up to:

- To give you an idea im in an extended 4G area and only get 1-2 bars depending on where I am in my home.
- Speedtests show a pretty standard 11000 range kbps (my old cable would show 14k and my xfinity top end is around 35k)
- I didn't use any crazy battery saving settings or reduce the Bionic controlled auto brightness. I wanted a vanilla test.
- I did all of the following on 4G.. no Wifi was involved.

- I took 3 fairly short calls.
- Watched Game of Thrones Episode 9 on HBOGO.
- Watched Americas Game: GB Packers on NFLNetwork Moblie
- Streamed about 3 hours of Pandora
- Web surfed various sites for about 30 mins (little to no flash was involved though).
- Sent and received a few text messages
- Checked Facebook and commented on some statuses a few times.
- Tried to work out some kinks im having with Zumocast via Blue Tooth on the phone.

HBOGO really seemed to drain the battery and the Blue Tooth stuff seemed taxing on juice too, but that is expected app to app. Overall I don't think I would try to stream video without hooking up to a power outlet, but I wanted to see what I could expect. I normally don't go through data this quickly either. This is day 2 of my billing (got the phone late yesterday) and I am through 75% of a gig of data already and I didn't get to do too much yesterday at all. Most of that is in the 5 hours of playtime today.


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Jul 22, 2011
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That isn't half bad, that's a lot of data intensive use. But you would've gotten a lot less without that extended battery lol...but still. I don't see myself doing a lot of video streaming without plugging in the phone, so battery life should be pretty good. And I'd use wifi to stream stuff anyways...and I plan on keeping most of my music and videos ON the phone to watch.

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