Facebook contact synching woes


Jan 12, 2011
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A friend, using a Motorola Droid X, notified me the other day that I had dropped off facebook on his contacts. I added my phone number to my account last night and I am visible on his facebook contacts, again. I'm not sure if the two are related. I had changed nothing about my facebook account's security and am unaware of anything that should have caused me to go missing.

I'm using an EVO 4g and, now, my wife is not showing up in my Facebook contacts, either. I had previously had her synched just fine but she went missing about the same time I did. Additionally, my facebook picture used to show up in text messages and now it, too, is missing.

Any ideas on what's going on? I've dropped the FB account and re-added it. I've turned the phone off and on. I've cleared the cache for FB and FB for HTC Sense today. I double checked my FB account and nothing glaring pops out as far as security settings go.

What gives? Why the loss, all of a sudden? Any help would be much appreciated.


Sūpā Saiya-jin Fō
Jul 27, 2011
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I currently have people in my contacts that do not have their phone number listed on FB, so, I doubt that is the issue.

I can't imagine these two being related. I would assume if you aren't showing up on other people's phones, that it is an issue with FB. Maybe some setting within FB. Your phone isn't pushing data or settings to FB, ya know?

Are you seeing some of your FB contacts, but, you are just missing your wife? Is your wife's phone working correctly? If you are having problems with both phones, it's possible that some setting got messed up with some tinkering you did. If you work on both phones that is.

But, if your wife's phone is fine, maybe you could try adding your account to her phone to see if it pulls in all of your contacts. I mean, I'm not sure exactly what that would do, but, I would assume it wouldn't be a big deal and your contacts would be removed from her phone after you removed your account. I'm not sure though, never done anything like that. But, it might be worth investigating. If your contacts were pulled in and working normal on her phone, then you at least know it's something unique to your phone and could consider a factory reset.

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