Factory Reset to Clear Mystery Memory/Performance Hog - Google Play Newstand???


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Nov 4, 2011
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About a month ago my Stock 4.3 Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note II starting going all laggy and beserk with odd Samsung Security warnings. At the same time the free internal memory went from 3Gb to less than 0.5 Gb and despite my desperate attempts to jettison applications and run Clean Master, I was still having trouble keeping 0.5 Gb of memory free. I finally did a factor reset, reinstalled all my apps and I am back to a normal 7 Gb of free internal memory and my phone is back to it's normal lightening fast self. I am beginning to suspect all the Google bloatware to be the culprit and perhaps a very sloppy implementation of Google Play Newstand that fails to clean up old downloaded files. I like to download a lot of reading material on Google Play Newstand for offline reading on the plane and have noticed the steady decline of my available internal memory with the worst losses occurring in the last month. Does anybody else out there have internal memory issues along with the use of Google Play Newstand? I'm afraid once I start downloading Google Play Newstand for my trips again, I will see a repeat of this situation. I can't imagine what would chew up over 6 Gb of internal memory so fast. In all fairness, I also downloaded for offline reading Flipboard, News Republic, NYT, and Pulse (now deleted due to some forced networking and very annoying SPAM). However, I didn't notice the Memory issues until I starting downloading Google Play Newstand for offline use.

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