Factory Reset - What Should I Expect?


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Jun 7, 2012
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Does anyone know what a full factory reset actually doing?

Followed the "via settings" instructions here; before resetting, checked both options to delete SD and HDD data

After the reset, when the phone came back to my control, I still have some app data and a few apps from before the reset - stuff I installed, not the came-with-the-phone adware.

Moreover, the point of the reset was to clear up quirky behavior that began after I upgraded to ICS. Some of that behavior still persists; just finished, so haven't had time to test for all of it (the biggest problem right now is that the lighting behind the home row buttons - home, back, settings, and search - comes and goes as it pleases. Does anyone else experience this? Is this just a "feature" of ICS or Sense 3.6?)

The phone is not rooted or hacked in any way.