Factory Wipe missing data folder


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Mar 12, 2014
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I have an att galaxy s3 with 4.3 on it. I did a factory reset using the power+vol up+home combo and it came up and told me the data folder was missing during the wiping but appeared to finish. But now when I turn it on it gets to the att screen and just sits there I left it for 15-20 minutes and it did not go any farther. Any help in bringing this back to life?


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Jan 30, 2011
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You can try to reload the firmware using the Kies software on your PC (you'll need Kies v3) or you can use Odin to reload the firmware.

Here's an overview of what to do:
- if you don't already have the Kies software installed on your PC, download it (just search Google; be sure to look for Kies v3) and install it. The first time it runs it'll update itself to the latest version so make sure you run it once before proceeding.
- put your phone in Download mode: with the phone completely off, press and hold the Volume Down and Home and Power buttons simultaneously, and release them all when you see the Samsung splash screen
- connect the phone to your PC with the USB cable that came with the phone
-- if you've never had the phone connected to your Windows-based computer before, you'll see messages about installing drivers, etc - just wait until this is done (may take 5 or 10 minutes) [I don't know what happens if you have a Mac - it probably just works]
- in the Kies software, select the second item in the Tools menu and just follow the prompts to enter the model number (in CAPS) and IMEI (both found under the battery - it's ok to remove the battery at this point)
- the Kies software should start downloading the correct firmware for your phone from the Internet; once that's done (depending on your Internet connection speed) it'll begin downloading that to the phone (this probably takes 10 minutes or so)

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