FASTEST Android phone is...?


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Dec 21, 2009
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So I looked to see if there was a thread where you could compare Android vs Android and couldn't find one, so I posted here.

I'm going out to buy an Android phone tomorrow, and am wondering which one I should buy.

I am coming from a Palm Pre, which is HELLA slow, so speed is really a concern for me with this phone. I would like minimal lag when opening apps and switching tasks, etc.

I have done some preliminary research and found that the Droid and the Moment are probably the two fastest Android phones. Can anyone compare and tell me which one runs most smoothly?

I am ambivalent about carriers since I priced my plan on all 3, and it was about the same.

Open to any and all suggestions!


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Dec 20, 2009
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I can honestly say that the Droid is fast & very responsive. I'm a long time Blackberry user & WinMo prior to that. Of all the phones I've owned this by far the fastest. I also carry the Storm 2 & that phone has nothing on Droid.

The Droid is the top phone right now, so thats the phone that I wold go with.

Good luck with your decision!!