Fixes For All GB Problems!!!


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Jul 13, 2011
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Hello everyone here at Android Central. After reading many many posts with people having problems with your Droid X with Gingerbread 2.3.3. I have my Droid X with no problems at all, what you need to do is followed below:

1. Back up ALL applications from your phone if you want.

2. Un-Root Your Droid X or SBF Back to Froyo with Non-Root.

3. Factory Wipe/Reset your Froyo Droid X.

4. Apply the OTA update using the proper method. (Settings > About Phone > System Updates)

5. Following the successful Gingerbread update, you then can root if you want.

6. Be a happy Droid X user. =)

Many of the issues are caused by having your phone already customized with tweaks, speed-ups, overclocks, custom ROMs, and/or applications already installed on your phone when attempting to upgrade to Gingerbread. This is what causes 99.9% of the problems when upgrading. Try this out, the Droid X is an awesome phone and will treat you right if you treat it right. Give these tips a try and see what happens. :D

Basically what I mean is just to have all stock apps and everything you would get out of a newly booted Droid X so the OTA update doesn't have work twice as hard. But when the Gingerbread update is successful, then you can re-add all your apps and re-root if wanted.
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