Flash video, keyboard, camera, and heat issues


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May 25, 2012
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First, to anyone that doesn't know yet.. you have to turn flash On in the stock browser if you want to watch YouTube videos, etc. To do this, scroll up (by swiping your finger down) while in the browser so info bars come up. Tap the menu button in the top right. Scroll down in that new list and tap Enable flash player.

Beyond that.. I already downloaded the flash update and I've reset the phone, and no I'm not rooted or anything and have only downloaded like 6-8 apps to the phone.

1.) When watching in full screen, the browser would freeze regularly. I've avoided watching in full screen for now. Another thing I've noticed is that you can't replay a YouTube video. After a video finishes, if you hit Replay video in the top left, it will rewind it to the beginning but not play. Try tap the video and it does nothing. It doesn't play the video or pop up any options on the player, just stays as a single image.

Are others having these issues? Any possible solutions? The beautiful screen is a main feature on the phone. Freezing when trying to take full advantage of it kinda sucks.

2.) Keyboard issues: (happen randomly.. sometimes it's fine, other times screwed up)
*If you're typing just above the keyboard, the predictive text covers a row of letters. (pic attached)
*The predictive text disappears randomly and comes back randomly.
*Sometimes typing special characters gets screwed up.. like if I'm typing doesn't, it will sometimes type the c while you're trying to hold it for the ', so you get doesnc't. It's working fine for more now, but was screwing up when I started typing this thread.
*I click somewhere to delete a letter and it will delete 2 or 4 letters ahead of where the cursor is.

3.) Phone feels like its getting pretty hot near the camera... Guessing that's where the CPU is. Just wondering if anyone else's is getting pretty hot.

4.) The physical camera button. Is everyone's like a 2-stage button? With the first stage being pretty 'loose' in that it's too easily pressed? If so, what is the point of this first stage, because I've tested it out and it doesn't seem to be focus or anything.

Had more but phone reset. I'm surprised it saved this much. give me a sec and I'll add a bit more. Nevermind.. I'll just end with those 4 or so issues.. but yea, I just had my first crash too and sent the error report. I was just going to talk about the kickstand also. It's obviously better in that it holds the phone any way you want since it's spring loaded.. it's just much harder to get out since they gave no extra room to get your finger nail in there.
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