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Flashing Cricket Samsung Galaxy S4 to Verizon or any other good CDMA

Dave Mark

New member
Aug 10, 2014
Good afternoon, I have a slight problem. My cricket Samsung galaxy s4 will not be working on the cricket network past March 2015 and I just barely finished paying it off so to it's still a brand new phone. I believe that the US Cellular and Verizon use the same exact headsets the serial numbers just differ by the last digit.

I want to flash my galaxy to either Verizon or US Cellular or any other legit carrier that I can flash my phone to and use it's full capabilities. If someone can tell me how to do it or direct me somewhere where I can get it done that would be great. I am familiar with rooting and flashing custom roms to android phones so I just really need it know it my phone would work on other network if I just installed the stock software, you all know what I mean. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

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