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Dec 19, 2016
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My name is Dave , I have developed this app over many months. I would be grateful for feedback on what you honestly taught of the app.

An app to help you record your daily eating patterns, FoodBuddy Health Challenge helps improve your eating and drinking patterns along with your daily exercise. Stick with the progress, you will see amazing results.

The buddy will give you advice on what to eat and also urge you too drink more water in a new initiative way.

- Record your daily eating habits
- Remind you of taking challenges every day
- Uses google fit to count your daily steps
- 30 day rolling charts
- 90 day calendar
- Share with your friends on social media

Begin to do the FoodBuddy health challenge now, and after 30 days, you may find that not only your physical conditions, but also your emotional and intellectual conditions changed.

Best of luck and stay healthy.

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