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Nov 7, 2009
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I just thought I would write this up for anyone that is in the web dev part of teh world. I have found a way to edit all types of files on the droid. In fact I currently edited a couple of my personal business site files for my droid.

Here is the how to on it:

Astro File Manager Set Up:

1. Download Astro File Manager.

2. Once downloaded if you need to edit anything other than basic html, htm files like .aspx files you will need to scroll to the far right and select preferences --> Edit File Extensions --> New Extension

(For this example I will use .aspx file extension cause we program mostly in C#.)

In the top left box the extension put in the file extension like "aspx" do not use a period in this box. Mime type needs to be text and subtype is html.

Then click save.

That is it for now on teh astro file manager.


1. Download and install AndFTP this has been great for me I am sure there are others.

2. Set up your FTP like you would any FTP program.

Text Editor:

1. Download Kote Lite free

2. Open kote lite then press the menu button and import the file you need to edit.

3. Make the change you need to the file ignore all the alarm and other settings.

4. Once all changes are done hit the menu key again and export. This will export the file to a kote folder on your sd card. something like this: myfile.aspx.txt

Last copy and upload:

1. Now the file has been edited you need to open up Astro File manager again

2. Navigate to the Kote directory and longpress the file you jsut edited and select edit then copy

3. now navigate to the folder you want to keep all your files in I keep my in seperate folders so I know which site they go to. Once in this folder press edit at the bottom of the screen and then paste.

4. Now long press the file again and choose edit scroll to the bottom and rename. Delete the ".txt" part of the extension it will bring up a warning about changing the extension choose change.

5. Open AndFTP back up and navigate to the folder you want the file in on the Server. Then chose Device File Browser navigate to the file and select it then chose upload and bam you are done.

I know this sounds like a lot but honestly once you have it down just a few second to copy and past things in the right place this has been a lifesaver when I just have to make small edits to the sites. I can even do images and everything I need to right form the phone.

Hope this helps someone out there like it has me.

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