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Jul 8, 2018
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Meet Glaukus, son of king Minos, who was entrusted by his father to preside over the role of Judge of the Underworld.

Help Glaukus in his mission: mastering the legendary 'Minos Touch', to sort all the sinners of Hell and prove his worth in his new role.


★ Procedurally-generated characters for a constantly different adventure
★ 4 levels to unlock: The Grid, Lava Land, Devilish Swamp, Eternal Ice
★ Find and defeat the 14 hidden historical sinners
★ A unique rock soundtrack will be with you throughout the game
★ Exclusive bonus and power-ups to complete the missions
★ Complete the missions and compare your achievements with those of your friends

The main feature of Minos Touch is the procedural generation of the ingame sprites. All the characters are composed dynamically, drawing from a set of physical characteristics (hair, eyes, eyebrows, shape of face, torso, legs, etc.), thus giving life to different combinations during each game.

Each character has one of the seven deadly sins, which can be identified by observing his appearance. The player's task is to identify the sin and perform the correct move (i.e. swipe left for sloth, tap with two fingers for lust, shake smartphone for envy, etc.), within the time limit.

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The game is expected to be release by the end of 2018.

For more details, you can visit the website of the game or follow the official Facebook page.

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