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Feb 23, 2019
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Take your events to a new level with DigiView – the innovative event registration, event manager, group member management, and engagement platform for both virtual and physical events.

Skyrocket your attendee engagement, lead generation, networking, and attendee experience with a powerful event manager that will save you time and make it easy for you to take control of the important event activities.

As an event planner & event manager, DigiView makes it easy for both you and your attendees to understand the key activities and engage in the best way possible. The digital brochure & events platform acts as both a networking powerhouse and lead generation app for businesses, and as a professional event manager so event organizers can manage and share key information about their virtual or physical event.


Are you an event host looking to increase the attendee engagement? Want to manage tickets, guest lists, sponsorship deals all in one place? Use DigiView for professional event management that will increase the engagement and satisfaction of your sponsors, booth purchasing and stand rentals, and overall attendee experience.

As Event Host:
1) Use our event app to create your own group to share content about your event and sponsors.
2) Allow your attendees to create packets to network and share their content about their businesses.
3) Use our attendee mobile organizer features to send out messages to all or a select segment of your group users/attendees.
4) Use our event registration & event organizer features to check-in and register your guests, as well as to set up seating charts, guest lists
5) Create dynamic and real-time media content to share with your guests during and after the event.
6) Guests can store and bookmark discovered packets and receive updates in the future.
7) You can manage ticket purchasing and access to events and sessions with our guest management features
8) Create sponsor levels and packages for your events
9) Create LIVE Booth, LIVE Networking events & LIVE Broadcast events with DigiView.
10) Sell booths and manage the booth purchasing process
11) Manage the on-site event registration such as badge printing, stand rentals, table rentals
12) Manage your speakers (profile, agenda, registration process) and exibitors

Are you a business that is participating in an event and want to take your event marketing to another level? Or you simply need an app to manage your members and create digital brochures?

Use DigiView event creator & business manager features to provide make the most out of each event, but also increase revenue and reduce costs by spending less time to present your business, or on event management and group management.

As a Business:
1) Create & share your business brochure in a digital format with your clients and customers.
2) Over 25 media elements to create your packets.
3) Share and distribute your media packets, business contacts, and update them in real-time.
4) Use push notifications to alert your users and business events attendees to the changes.
5) Setup drip campaigns and send messages to segmented list users.
6) Store and bookmark your discovered packets and receive updates in the future.
7) Create membership packages and setup membership purchasing and management
8) Capture leads with customized forms

Use DigiView as your event finder & event manager to attend events in the best way possible. Create a profile and scan the QR code of the event or enter the invitation code for group or event check-in. Then join groups, collect and favorite businesses and their digital content, purchase tickets, view speakers, agenda, and much more!

Download the innovative and extremely helpful digital engagement platform for business brochures, marketing digital content, and in-depth event management!

Download DigiView for Android

Download DigiView for IOS


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