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[Free][App] Find City Places


New member
Apr 13, 2013
Find City Places is a simple apps that helps you locate 150 cities and find the nearest places/spots (such as restaurants, hotel and many more) based on your city selection. As a city guides, you can plan your vacation / business trip ahead and find all the recommended places. Once you reach you destination city, you can discover great food, drinks, shopping and entertainment.

Once you found the place, you can then find the location details such as rating, address, telephone, direction and website link.

E.g. You going to travel to San Francisco, and you need to find Hotel around San Francisco.

1) Select the "San Francisco" options from the above selection.
2) The place finder will display all the hotel and restaurants marker.
3) Find your way there and enjoy your stay.
4) You can also search other places like ATM, florist, and many other more.

1) You can now select the city from the lists
2) Enter places keyword searches (E.g "Hamburger Fast Food").
2) Traffic indicator that shows current road traffic condition.
3) Show direction to the destination.
4) Share places to your family and friends.
5) Places now has star rating that shows the current place's rating.
6) Share apps with your family and friends.

Google Play: Find City Places