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Dec 18, 2012
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With this app can have all your sms safe and hide the sms from others. Its operation is very simple, you can text the sms and send it like using the Message app in the system. Besides the app display the local sms, you can enter it and add the number into the app as PrivateNumber. You can also set the PrivateNumber in the PrivateNumber menu. After setting the PrivateNumber, the app can receive the sms from the PrivateNumber and it will be only displayed in the app, not in the Message app in the system.
You may want the app safer, then you should try the PatternLock. You can set the lock key in PatternLock menu, and anyone launch the app should draw the right pattern lock. No longer worry about others reading the sms and deleting the sms in the system, you should try this app.

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