[Free App] SoundGecko - Listen to websites, RSS feeds & PDF docs, on the go


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Jan 4, 2013
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Hi all,

A few weeks ago we shipped the SoundGecko app for Android that lets you listen to websites, RSS feeds & PDF docs, on the go

Download it now here: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e...d=com.onetwoonecast.soundgecko&token=uadmuiTt so you can start saving time by getting your reading done on your commute!

We would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions, thanks guys!

- The SoundGecko team

"SoundGecko reads your RSS feed to you in stunning clarity"

♫ RSS feeds
Listen to the latest news from your favorite news and blog, automatically updated.
✔ Hands free, eyes free
Sound Gecko is a text-to-audio transcribing service that lets you enjoy written content from around the web on the go.
✔ Easy to use
Send article URLs by email or use the one-click browser extension, available from the website.
✔ Multi-task like a boss
Stay up to date while you drive to work, ride public transport, have a coffee, take a run, excerise at the gym, wait in queue, enjoying the sunset.