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Nov 16, 2011
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Spread the word of God with ? Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game ? Get on a missionary journey and help the priests all over the world baptize as many unbelievers and turn them

into Christians! Download this fun quiz game and answer the questions from Holy Bible to help as many followers embrace the love of God and become true believers! Play

against other missionaries and see who will finish all baptism ceremonies first!
Get this educative quiz Bible trivia and help your children learn more about the Holy Book through playing and fun! By answering these interesting quiz questions about

Bible verses and characters kids will learn more about their religion and accept God while playing Bible games! This Bible application is great for the whole family and

it's perfect for teaching kids Christianity at Sunday School (Sabbath School).

Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game: http://bit.ly/Bible_Quiz_3D


? Choose from 4 offered answers: A, B, C or D!
? Each time you answer a question you spend 1 energy point!
? You get one energy point each 2 minutes!
? Answer the question correctly to travel around the world!
? You have 4 attempts to give the correct answer, choose the correct answer from the first try to travel the longer distance!
? Use helps to pass the longer distance than your opponents: double the length of the distance you can pass or remove one wrong answer!
? Use traps to decrease the progress of your opponents: slow down all other players or prevent the leading player from answering one question!
? Collect tokens with angel wings and use them on crossroads to take the shortcut!
? Log in with Facebook or create your player profile!
? Lots of interesting achievements and integrated leaderboard!
? Purchase in-apps to get more helps, traps and unlimited energy!
Bible Quiz 3D - Religious Game tests your knowledge on Bible trivia in a very fun way. Your goal in this game is to be the first of four players (missionaries) who will

visit all the Orthodox and Catholic churches and Jewish Synagogs. By giving correct answers to Bible quiz questions you will travel the longer distance. Not only that you

can learn new facts on biblical characters, but you can also learn something new on the history of arts, since there are lots of questions containing religious paintings in

this highly educative quiz game.
A Christian missionary is commissioned by the Lord to make disciples, followers of Christ. Jesus commands all Christians to share the Gospel, the message of His death and

resurrection that conquered the penalty and power of sin.
A Christian missionary proclaims Jesus as Savior and Lord. They do more than evangelism. The commission was to make disciples, not immature believers. Thus, a Christian

missionary?s outreach involves evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. These main goals are accomplished in a variety of ways: street preaching, church building,

Bible studies, etc.
Bible apps and quizzes are a great way to learn new things about the Holy Book of Christianity! They are always with you, in your mobile phone! Playing Christian games is

the most entertaining way to embrace the faith and Gods love, and this amazing ?religious game? for kids and adults is perfect for gaining new knowledge on the largest

religion in the world!
? Did you know that the name of the first five books of the Old Testament is Pentateuch?
? Did you know that David killed Goliath with a sling and a stone?
? How many Proverbs and Psalms did Solomon write?
Get this educative quiz game for free and see how well you know the facts from the Old Testament and New Testament, facts about Noah, Moses, Jesus and his apostles, Virgin

Mary and other characters of the Bible! Answer the quiz questions about Biblical figures and facts about Bible prophecies of the Apocalypse and Armageddon and test your

knowledge of the holy book of the Christians! Download ?Bible Quiz? 3D - Religious Game on your smartphone, and have fun playing one of the best Bible quizzes for Android


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