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Dec 26, 2012
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There is new game "Christmas Bubbles" here!
Burst bubbles, increase the score and grow your Christmas tree!
Choose new abilities and get new toys!
Decorate the Christmas tree on your taste and feel the spirit of Christmas!
- Bubbles look like the Christmas toys-balls
- 4 stages of growth the Christmas tree
- 10 kinds of Christmas decorations
- 5 abilities at choice with three stages of development of each ability
- Suitable for children and adults



"Christmas Bubbles" is a simple and fun game, created for the New Year holidays!
You should to break five kinds of balls which look like the Christmas decorations. You have five colors of the balls. Balls-bubbles appear on the field and start growing until they run into another ball. The larger the ball, the greater the reward for its destruction.

There is a strip of color, which is constantly trying to get to the end, at the top of the game screen. If it does it, you will lose. The strip of color and the background show the color of the ball that you need break now. It's convenient, because you do not have to run all the time looking away from the screen to the strip.

But there is another option of the end of game besides losing. It is the collection of color points. Before starting the game you choose which color points you try to collect, and now besides the general points (they are displayed on the strip on the left) you can see on the button "Santa Claus?s bag" (it located in the center of the strip) how many color points you got.

You can buy certain ability, collected for each color points, and then you can develop it to the third level. For example, you wanted red balls, which cause a "chain lightning", to start appearing on the field. So you need collect the red color points and then you can buy the ability on screen abilities. Or is it better to collect blue color points and buy a "freeze"? You decide! To get the color points you need click on the bag, and the game will be over and you will get your color points.

But, as they say, there is one "but"! You can take your color points until the strip of color is not more than half. But the longer you are playing, the more the color points for each broken ball of your color.
But it is probably not very interesting to break balls just to score points. So you have a Christmas tree in the game. It grows depending on the record scores. There are four stages of the growth. However, hardly anyone will like "naked" tree. So you can decorate it! If you go to the screen with your Christmas tree in the menu, you can buy decorations for your color points (that's another use of the collected color points) and hang on your Christmas tree!

Beautiful Christmas tree and Happy New Year!


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Dec 26, 2012
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v 1.0.3

Happy New Year!
In update:
- Gifts for the New Year!
- The bug fixed on phones with small resolution
If you have any problems with the game, please write to us!
If the error occurs, send the first 15 lines of the description of the error - we will solve the problem in the next update.
If the problem is to the interface, besides the description write the model of your device.

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