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Jan 5, 2016
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“If black is ocean and white is land, and you connect side to side, one cannot pass through the other…"
A Beautiful Mind. Dir. Ron Howard. Universal Pictures, 2001.

The game of Hex was first invented in 1942 by Piet Hein, a Danish mathematician. In 1948 American mathematician John Nash, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, re-invented the game, which became popular among the students at Princeton.

Hex is a two-player connection game. The rules are stunningly simple, this game can be learned in less than a minute. Each player has an allocated color, usually red or blue. Players take turns coloring a single empty cell within the overall playing board with their colors. The goal for each player is to form a connected path of those cells linking sides of the board marked by their colors. The first player to complete the connection wins the game.

The game is very easy to start, but hard to master. Try to win against the computer engine provided by this app. If you do not like your last move(s), feel free to use the undo button. Using settings increase complexity level, enable swap rule, allow the computer to make first move (with or without swap rule). If you want to learn the best moves try the hint button.

Swap rule: Since the first player to move in Hex has a distinct advantage, the swap rule can be used for fairness. This rule allows the second player to choose to switch positions with the first player after the first player makes the first move. Knowing this is an option the first player is forced to choose the first move which will not give a definite win.


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