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[FREE][GAME] Move The Jelly


New member
Oct 3, 2013
move the jelly banner3.png

Move The Jelly Is now Available on the Google Play Market!!

Move The Jelly is a highly addictive arcade game. If you like those "air plane landing" game (eg. Flight Control), then you will definitely like this game.

Direct the Jelly back to their own homes. Tap on the Jelly to change direction up down left right, until it has successfully reach their own homes. The challenging part in this game, is to avoid 2 Jelly to collide each other, else the game will be over!

Your mission is to lead as many "Jelly" back home as possible to get high score and compete with your friends online

- Unlimited Levels
- Animated Jelly
- Leaderboards
- Achievements
- Stunning sound effects.
- Bounce background music
- Support for tablets

Enjoy the Game!