[Free][No Ads][APP] Learn Android App Development ( Android 7 Nougat ) .. Steps to become Developer

Jun 22, 2016
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You've heard how Android app developers are in high demand, but perhaps you haven't gotten started with app development yet?
Perhaps you have searched to find a course that not only shows how to build apps step by step, but one that actually explains why things are done in a certain way?


Maybe you are struggling to find a course that really can teach you the in's and out's of becoming an Android app developer?

Do you need to understand how to write apps for both the current version of Android (Nougat), but also have that same app work with older Android devices running older versions of the Android operating system?


Android Lessons Are Divided into 8 Main Categories :

- How Android App Works & Its Components (App Components)
- Firebase, SQLite, MySql, Shared Preferences (Data Storage)
- Camera, Playback, Audio, Videos... (Media & Camera)
- JSON, Web Servers, XML Parsing & Data Fetching. (Web & Remote Access)
- WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB (Connectivity)
- Maps, Markers, Tracking, GeoCoding, Locations ... (Google Maps)
- Master Material Design & UI (User Interface)
- Localization, Layouts, Strings, Styles, Menu.. (App Resources)


Ways to start Android App Development :
- Be specific in what you want to learn , so for ex. if you want to add an image to your app :
search for : "How to implement/add an imageview in android app"
- Use youtube for tutorials
- Choose social media also to search on source codes
- Follow Courses ( Low prices )
- ask developers in forums : ( Stackoverflow, stackexchange )
- Download Apps for learning android app Development Such As :
"Master Android " - "Learn Android Java" Apps

Follow the courses in udemy/coursera/udacity

My Advice is to Download this app : "Master Android " From Play store


Follow Tutorials From Youtube,Vimeo...

Put A Plan For Your Studying Progress