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Dec 9, 2015
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Spot the Difference Game -Cats

Do you like playing std games? If you're a fan of “puzzle games”, “hidden object games”, and find the difference games, these cute pictures of cats and kittens will melt your heart! Download Spot the Difference Game – Cats and become an expert at difference detection!

Observe the two pictures of cats very closely!
Tap on the difference as soon as you find it!
Use hints to see where the pictures differ!
Use help to get more time for completing the level!
Numerous levels – each with a different picture pair!
Two game-play modes: arcade and endless!
Log in with Facebook and challenge your friends!

If cats are your favorite pets, you will be thrilled with this free brain teaser. “Spot the Difference Games” – Cats contains numerous picture pairs of cats and kittens and all you have to do is search for the difference between them. Choose one of the two game modes: arcade or endless and start having fun! Kids, teenagers, and adults will love this “find the difference game” because it is both beneficial and fun. Download it now and “find differences” as quickly as you can.

The arcade mode leads you from one level to the next, but spot the differences carefully because you cannot move to the next level unless you successfully passed the others before that. If you choose the endless mode you can play as long as you are able to successfully find the differences in the pictures.

Let these cute cats and kittens occupy all of your attention and enjoy spending the day in this wonderful find the difference brain exercise activity. We offer you various types of cats pictures: the Persian, the Siamese, the Abyssinian. There are also cute little kittens in all colors:striped, spotted, and ticked. Therefore, don't hesitate! Download it now and enjoy comparing the two photo puzzles with cute cats. Find the difference between two pictures of cute cats and let your imagination go wild! We guarantee you that these “difference games” will bring you hours of entertainment.

These “spot the difference games” or “find the differences games” are great for the mind. A good 'find it' puzzle game with adorable kittens will keep your attention, make you focus and improve your cognitive abilities. Find the difference puzzles will improve your concentration and your observation skills. Do you have an eye for details? See with this lovely spot the difference game featuring the cutest cats and kittens.

Gather all your powers of observation if you want to say 'hello pretty kitty' to the next cat in this adorable cats and kittens find the difference app. But be careful because time is slipping away! The awesome possibility in this funny game for kids is that you can boast of your success on Facebook, share your score and challenge your friends to play with you! See if anyone dares!

The images in this find it game are so lovely and realistic that you'll think you hear the cats and kittens meow! Each next level and each next difference is more daunting than the previous one, so brace yourself for an excellent “ftd” experience! This spot the difference game has puzzle-like ability to make your brain work and improve your visual perception. Just like find the hidden object games, Spot the Difference Game – Cats has the ability to divert your attention from everyday problems and immerse you into the wonderful world of gaming.

Put your wits to action! Find the differences games are great games for kids and for adults. The images and differences you need to find are simple enough for children and at the same time challenging enough to be appealing to adults. The design in this spot the difference game is exquisite and touch screen controls are simple and intuitive. Therefore, don't hesitate! Download this superb collection of find the difference pictures and start playing today!

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