Front Camera and Device ID?


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Mar 25, 2013
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Every time I take a picture on the front and back camera the front comes out way to dark, but the back come out perfect!!! Even when in well lit areas. I've wiped the lenses off and even reset the phone and started from scratch thinking it was a setting but its still the same!! Also Boost Mobile app was installed and I uninstalled the updates because 2 of them showed up in the app draw so I guess the person from a forum on here saying Sprint pushed malware to our phones was right because my phone froze up after the install!! And I can't seem to find the I'd app to download the Boost Mobile theme? I've had it on my Virgin Mobile phone and it even shows up in my application settings but not the apps drawer. Any help is appreciated!!! BTW the first pic is the front camera and the second is the back camera.

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