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Front camera bad quality?


New member
Mar 9, 2014
Well.. not bad quality per say. Coming from an iPhone is it supposed to look a bit .. colorless? It doesn't look colorless on the screen itself, but on any other monitor, computer, iPhone my photos look a bit washed out. Do people usually up the colors in the photo editor or on instagram on Android before posting them?

Also is there a way to do this without having to edit it? Bringing up the colors through the photo editors usually fixes the issues I have with it, but I know Android has a ton of settings and such for shooting I don't see many for the front camera itself through the stock app. Any help is appreciated :)

Edit -- This also applies to videos/pics on front AND back cam when viewing on any monitor other than the Note 8 itself. I understand they're optimized to look good on the phone itself... but why would they degrade it on purpose for the sake of viewing it on the screen and not taking into consideration of anyone else who may be viewing it on other devices?