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My phone decides when it wants to auto connect to paired Bluetooth devices. I almost always have BT turned on and my phone always picks up my Gear watch which is perfect, but that's where the perfection ends.

Every single day I have to go into the settings and connect to my truck's radio, it refuses to automatically connect, I have tried un-pairing and reconnecting it to no avail.

Conversely, it auto connects to vehicles at work. If I have driven a vehicle and paired it, if that vehicle is running and I walk by, my phone will link up unless whomever is in it already has their phone connected.

Here's where it gets weird. My wife and I both have our phones paired with her car, but if we are both in the vehicle, the radio will link to HER phone for calls and MY phone for media.

Both of us have Galaxy S8 with the latest update


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Mar 24, 2012
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I've not had any issues with my moto360 or huawei sport 2. As for your truck, your phone will NEVER be the one initiating the re connection to any bluetooth device. Once the truck bluetooth has either shut off or moved out of range the phone will NOT try to reconnect (for the number of devices a phone can be paired with, constantly making reconnect attempts would just drain the battery). It is entirely up to the device to renegotiate the connection which your truck should do when it is started up. If it does not, the problem lies with the trucks infotainment system.

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