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Nov 26, 2009
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I think it's important to recognize, especially in light of the latest Admob stats, that some of these developers out there with Winmo versions are acting rather non-sensibly.

I'm wanting a decent IM app, like Beejive. I had Beejive on my iPhone and my Blackberry. It worked better than any other client I had used. I understand their reasons for not making a Symbian version, irked as it was, because it was an inferior framework with virtually no users.

Now we're seeing Android just exploding and eating both Apple's and RIM's lunches, and the people currently catering to it are benefitting. Where are the devs? Busy clinging to their old platform.

Look at Viigo, now the dev behind FeedR has cranked out an app that outpaces Viigo. I sent the dev a feature request, only to find out the app already supported it. I don't think I've even found an RSS reader that great on the iPhone. You know what this dev straight up tells you? His success on Android Market is giving him more resources so he can keep working on the app.

Look at Tama-Chan behind Beautiful Widgets, he's updating the app and constantly getting plugged. In the market it's listed at 10,000-50,000 downloads. I won't say he's making huge money, but he's made a good chunk of money, especially if it's in the higher range.

Same for the Twidroid Pro guys.

Look at Pandora, they have better than 250k users added now. Who knows how high that figure actually is.

I think these iPhone-only devs are really screwing themselves. Same goes for Blackberry and Winmo (HAH, ARE there even any Winmo only devs?? j00 g0t t3h PWNT BAHAHAHA!!!!).

Groundspeak has announced they are getting a great app ready for Geocaching on Android. Kudos.

Screw those other turds man, I don't need you. You're dead to me.


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Jan 24, 2010
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I know that some of the bigger mobile developers out there are starting to shift more resources over to the android.

One thing I think a lot of people would find interesting though is, as of right now, there isn't much money being made on Android. I think that will change as more android devices come out, but that might open a whole know issue of compatibility across multiple handsets.

I'm confident we will see more developers hopping onto the Android, it's still in it's early stages though and quite frankly there isn't a lot of finical reward right now on the android.

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