Funny Word Replacements on Auto Correct?

Jared DiPane

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Feb 7, 2010
I know that over the past few weeks my Droid has replaced some intended words with some words that were not meant to be there, and I know it has to be happening to others as well.

I would love to hear some of the funny words that you have seen because of this.

A few rules of the thread, please post both the originally intended work, and then the replacement work so people will know. Please keep in mind, we need to keep the words friendly and appropriate.

Also, please please please do not create an entry for each word, or go off ranting and raving and conversing about each one. Please try to compile a couple per entry and even go back and edit your original with new words. Change the color each time so we know whats new and what was the old stuff.

Lets keep it on track, I think it can be something fun!

So I shall start with some I see.

Tried typing babe and got bbhybrids
Tried typing haha and got hagar
Tried typing app and get apparently (was just way out of context)

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