Future Android defector: Phone advice?


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Nov 18, 2009
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Alright... I've tried the rest, and I want the best... as I'm told.

My first foray into smartphone territory was the iPhone (very first batch), but it's delicate glass front went kablooie on me, and since AT&T didn't offer any type of protection when I bought it... they're out of the picture for good.

Moved on to the Blackberry Curve, and while the phone was decent, it was a huge step back for me in terms of the "awesome factor". Everything was such a chore to accomplish and at the risk of sounding superficial.. it looks ugly doing everything it does. Hated the interface. Well, THAT and the fact that I went through 5 defective units in the span of 2 months... so long, RIM.

After much deliberation with Sprint customer service, I was afforded the privilege of "only" paying the upgrade price to switch to a Palm Pre, since I wanted no more of Blackberry's hassles. We're getting closer to a perfect phone... I love the form factor... gorgeous phone, great OS, features I needed. Only one problem.... the defective plastic that has turned my once gorgeous phone into a hunk of ugly crap that barely works. Spiderweb cracks, intermittently usable touch screen, and non functioning USB port. However, since it's not a formally acknowledged "known issue", I'll just have to keep shelling out a $100 deductible to have a working phone.

Anyhoo, short story long.. I'm tired of Sprint... tired of crappy phones, and I'm really excited about moving into Android Land, which is where I need your help, community. I am limited because of money/credit/deposit requirements to T-Mobile, which leaves me a seemingly decent choice of Android phones (Oh, but how I want that Droid.. damn you Verizon). My question is, from those that have used them, which am I better off with, amongst T-Mobile's offerings?

My biggest concerns are battery life, as the Pre was absolutely abysmal in that department. What good is an awesome phone if you have to turn off 90% of the cool stuff to use it for any length of time. I also loved the threaded SMS messages of the iPhone/Pre.. and if any of T-Mobile's phones offer it by default, or if there's an Android Market solution to that, it would be a big plus. Beyond that, screen size, interface, usability all come into play, so what say you, forums? What's my best bet? The Cliq? The MyTouch? The ancient looking G1? Should I hold off for the Behold II, with it's gawdy looking cube?

Any input will be considered and greatly appreciated!

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