G-Assistant in other language (french) & **heille Gloggle** sesame


Jan 15, 2017
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Hi, the lucky ones....., (any partial answers are allowed!!) ^-_-^

While I'm still dreaming for the PixelXL128 to be availaible "again" in Quebec/Canada, I'm trying to know a bit more on my future friend... I have some questions in my own personnal buffer that needs to be answered:

a) It was spoken to have G-assistant after xmas in other languages (including french). As it have not been implemented with the release 7.1.1 as I tought it would be... Is there a new estimated date for this to happend?

b) I also have a concern about the references G-assistant will use for research when using an other language than english. Every body know that english language have the biggest and most complete database to answer any question on the web. If I configure my Pixel for, by ex.: french, will the research will be made "only" from french references??

c) As english is not my mother tongues, I don't always speek very fluently... So, is a question to G-Assistant need to be said in one rapid & clear shot or is it accept some kind of hesitations?

d) This last question is a tricky one: Is it possible to call the assistant in a slightly different way than the common **Hey Google** who may "probably" be activated / unlocked by about any body saying the generic sesame around the phone (or on a radio // a podcast show via speakers)? In my dream, I would instead use: **heille gloggle**, sounding pretty close but, kind of secret password between me and MY G-assistant, that cannot be activated by any Goofy joker around?

That's it for now, but I'll shurely have other mystery for the community of user to be answered ^-_-^

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