G2, One Max and Note 3 Battery Life?


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Feb 13, 2011
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Using Note 2 as benchmark for battery life will these devices surpass the battery life on the Note 2?

The G2,One Max and Note 3 are all going 1080p screens with at least a 3000mah battery. They also presumed to share 800 processor as well which supposed to powerfull and a more efficient quad chip for battery?

I wonder where LG G2 will fair with battery life since assuming with smaller screen will have higher PPI and wondering that draw on battery more than the other devices?
Will its battery life be on par with the Note 2?

Is PPI and screen size a factor in battery life? The HTC One max will seem to have biggest sceen out the devices and will that be detrimental to it's battery performance running 3000mah battery? Could it fall short to the Note 2?

Is Display technology be another factor between devices for battery performance? (Amoled,LCD,IPS etc)

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Apr 18, 2010
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Battery life is always subjective and based on so many different parameters it's tough to tell. I would expect them to be on par with one another. Keep in mind that Samsung puts in sensors that LG doesn't and HTC doesn't so different things eat battery differently.

Most importantly you can swap out the nice massive GN3 battery, you can't on the others and I like to use my screen a lot.