Galaxy Note's backlight: slightly light/color variation sometimes


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May 18, 2012
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Hello all,

Did you experience this effect? First when I was in stock 2.6.3, switching to & from main screen/chrome I thought my device was defect but hopefully not, Google has just chosen to allow chrome to have its own brightness management, what a non sens!

Anyway, this "issue" fixed, I have another issue I thought ICS would solve but not, maybe this is a property/disadvangage of the AMOLED screen or simply my device is defect.

When I'm on chrome or an app with white background, sometime it occurs a very slightly color/light variation as if auto-brightness was set which is not the case.
It doesn't appear when the screen contains a lot of color, it only happend when the white is dominant.

It's not dramatic but it's like a "dead pixel", when you remark that, you see only this one! Sorry if you have it and didn't notice it yet. :)

I have the feeling it happens with apps having their own brightness manager even when turned-off.